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What to expect

Going to a church service at Mossley shouldn't be a scary prospect! When you arrive you'll be greeted by our church wardens, Winifred and Alan. Give them a big smile because they're out in the porch in all weathers! They'll give you all the necessary hymn books and can help you find somewhere to sit if the church is getting full.

You'll also get a book or a service sheet with all the words printed on it so you can follow what's going on. There will be parts of the service when the people in the congregation will say something together out loud, like a short prayer; these parts will also be printed so you don't need to memorise anything.

What happens in the services?

Our services can be different in atmosphere, but they generally consist of some or all of these parts:

  • Singing hymns
  • Asking and receiving forgiveness for things we've done wrong
  • Listening to readings from parts of the Bible
  • A sermon or talk
  • Prayers to God, either led by the minister or silent, inward prayer

During one of the hymns (usually one from last) we pass round a collection plate where you can donate some money to keep the Church running.

After the services

If you go to one of the services at 11.30am on a Sunday you can go next door afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat, or, once a month, there is a soup and cheese lunch which is a great way to meet new people in the Parish.

If you do decide to come along please tell us what you think, and if you're still feeling apprehensive, why not bring a friend along?

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