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Street Pastors

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue.

Teams of trained volunteers from Churches around the Glengormley area spend Friday and Saturday nights keeping an eye out for people in trouble on our streets, providing care and support, administering first aid, and being there to listen.

This doesn't just happen in Glengormley - it is a worldwide movement, with volunteers helping out in hundreds of cities.

Find out more about Street Pastors in Newtownabbey and Street Pastors in general.

Being a Street Pastor is a great way to give something back to the community, and to make a real difference on our streets. If you'd like more details please get in touch.

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Please pray for our Street Pastors:

  • Friday 10th June - The Rector
  • Friday 17th June - Louise Bowes
  • Saturday 18th June - Bob Lee and Yvonne Hemmingway
  • Saturday 25th June - Scott Bowes

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