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Wondering about God?

Do you ever wonder about Jesus and what His story is all about? Do you ever wonder about heaven and what it takes to get there?

Some people think that a person can get to heaven by living a good life. You can't.

Others think they can get to heaven by going to church. That doesn't do it either.

Many people believe that by being "religious" they can get to heaven. It doesn't work that way.

It isn't about what you can do to be near to God. It is about what God has done to be near to you.

God wants all people on earth to become His children. But the problem is this: We are all imperfect, and within each of us we have a strong desire to do the wrong thing.

The Bible calls this sin. Our sin separates us from God. It is like a wall or a barrier.

God provided the solution to our situation through Jesus. Jesus was not just a "good person" or a "holy man." He claimed to be the Son of God. He claimed He could forgive people's sins - people's sins against God.

Either He was right, and He is the Son of God, or He was wrong and He should not be trusted. You have to decide for yourself.

Jesus willingly gave His life and was murdered on a cross. But death could not contain Him.

After three days God raised Him from the dead. His death and resurrection paid the penalty for our sins. He conquered death and tore down the wall of sin. But we must believe and accept this free gift from Him.

His free gift requires that you give your life to Him and become His child. Each person must decide what he or she will do. It is not an easy decision, but He will help you make it if you are willing.

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