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29 Mar

Girls' Brigade Parents' Night

The Girls' Brigade Parents' Night will be held on Monday 8 April at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall - everyone welcome.

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29 Aug

Restart Dates 2018

We hope you've all had a great summer. Most of our organisations are starting up again after the summer break. The table below shows the dates and times when they start back up.

Organisation Restart Date
Kidz Klub Sat 1st Sept at 5.30pm
Community Lunches Wed 5th Sept at 12.00pm
Prayer Fellowship Wed 5th Sept at 7.30pm
Bowling Club Wed 5th Sept at 7.30pm
Choir Practices Thu 6th Sept at 7.30pm
Youth Club Sat 8th Sept at 7.00pm
Club J Sun 9th Sept at 11.00am
Men's Society Mon 10th Sept at 7.30pm
Girls' Brigade Mon 10th Sept at 6.15pm
Boy's Brigade Tue 11th Sept at 6.15pm
Bible Study Tue 11th Sept at 7.45pm
Women's Guild Wed 12th Sept at 8.00pm
Badminton Club Thu 13th Sept at 7.30pm
Dove Tots Fri 14th Sept at 10.00am

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10 Aug

Girls' Brigade

The Girls' Brigade will resume on Monday 10 September 2018 as follows:- Tinies & Explorers - 6.30-7.30pm, Juniors, Seniors & Brigaders - 7.30-8.30pm.

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28 May

Girls’ Brigade Bathroom Stall

Any unwanted items (NEW) for the Girls' Brigade Bathroom Stall at the Summer Fair on 2 June will be gratefully received. Items can be left with Julie Robinson or any GB leaders.

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28 Jul

GB Summer Scheme

All girls from P7 up are invited to the Girls' Brigade Summer Scheme! The summer scheme will be once a month over the summer doing lots of fun activities. The last night is on Monday 31 July, 6.30-8.30pm in the main hall and will be a non-uniform night.

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20 Mar

Girls' Brigade

The Girls' Brigade Parents' Night will be held on Monday 3 April at 7pm in Mossley Parish Church Hall - everyone welcome.

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6 Jan

Girls' Brigade

The G.B. will start up again on 16th January.

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12 Sep

GB & BB Enrolment Service

The 6pm service this Sunday (18th Sept) will be a Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade Enrolment Service.

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26 Aug

Restart Times

Summer's almost over, which means that many of our organisations will be starting up again after the break.

OrganisationStart Date
Choir Thursday 1st Sept at 7.30pm
Club J and JAM Sunday 4th Sept at 11am
Dove Drama Group Wednesday 7th Sept at 7.30pm
Men's Society Monday 12th Sept at 7.30pm
Women's Guild Wednesday 14th Sept at 8pm
Boys' Brigade Tuesday 6th Sept (click for times)
Girls' Brigade Monday 12th Sept at (click for times)
Youth Club Saturday 3rd Sept at 7pm
Prayer Fellowship Every Wednesday at 7.30pm
Bowling Club Every Wednesday at 7.30pm
Dove Dancing Club Friday 9th Sept at 8pm

Tags: Boys' Brigade, Choir, Dancing, Drama, Girls' Brigade, Indoor Bowling, Kids, Men's Society, Prayer, Sunday School, Women's Guild

6 Oct

BB and GB Annual Enrolment Service

The Annual Enrolment Service for the Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade will be this Sunday, 11th October, at 6pm. The preacher will be Rev. Johnny Campbell-Smyth, Curate at St. Patrick's, Jordanstown.

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4 Sep

Parish Organisations - Restart Times

Most of our Organisations are starting back again in September, after a summer break.

Bible Study Tuesday 8th Sept
Boys' Brigade Tuesday 8th Sept
Bric-a-brac Sales Saturday 5th Sept
Club J (Sunday School) Sunday 6th Sept
Dove Drama Group Wednesday 9th Sept
Flower Guild Monday 7th Sept
Girls' Brigade Monday 7th Sept
Indoor Bowling Club Wednesday 9th Sept
Kids Club (Junior Youth Club) Saturday 5th Sept (5.30 to 7pm)
Men's Society Monday 17th Sept
Parents and Toddlers Friday 11th Sept
Prayer Meetings Wednesday 9th Sept
Women's Guild Wednesday 9th Sept
Youth Club Saturday 5th Sept
Youth Fellowship Sunday 6th Sept

Tags: Bible Study, Boys' Brigade, Drama, Flower Guild, Girls' Brigade, Indoor Bowling, Indoor Sales, Kids, Men's Society, Parents and Toddlers, Prayer, Sunday School, Women's Guild, Youth Fellowship

27 Apr

Safeguarding Trust

There will be a meeting for all leaders of youth organisations on Tuesday 28th April at 7.30pm, to provide an update for current policies and procedures.

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23 Feb

G.B. Parents' Night

Monday 23rd March.

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19 Dec

Christmas Breaks

The Girls' Brigade will recommence on Monday 5th January, the Boys' Brigade will recommence on Tuesday 6th January, and the Parents and Toddlers will restart on Friday 16th January.

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22 Sep

B.B. and G.B. Enrolment Service

The Annual Enrolment Service for the Boys' Brigade and the Girls' Brigade will be this Sunday evening at 6pm. The preacher will be Tom Irwin.

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27 Aug

Restart Times

Organisation Restart Time
Indoor Bowling Wednesday 27th August
Bible Study Tuesday 2nd August
Prayer Fellowship Wednesday 3rd September
Pat's T Break Wednesday 3rd September
Choir Thursday 4th September
Badminton Club Thursday 4th September
Dove Dancing Club Friday 5th September
Club J (Sunday School) Sunday 7th September
Men's Society Monday 8th September
Girls' Brigade Monday 8th September
Boys' Brigade Tuesday 9th September
Women's Guild Wednesday 10th September
Community Lunches Wednesday 10th September
Parents and Toddlers Friday 12th September

Tags: Indoor Bowling, Bible Study, Prayer, Choir, Badminton, Dancing, Sunday School, Men's Society, Girls' Brigade, Boys' Brigade, Women's Guild, Parents and Toddlers

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