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Things to pray for

Prayer is a rewarding and life-enhancing conversation with God. But at times it can be difficult. You can feel isolated from others, running out of things to say and getting distracted.

If you're stuck for something to pray for, why not ask for God's blessings for some of the people, families and organisations below?

  • In our district: : Rev John Dickinson and the Congregation at Carnmoney Presbyterian Church.
  • In our parish: We pray for families living in the Christine area.
  • In our organisations: Select Vestry.
  • In our Diocese: The Electoral College for Connor Diocese.
  • In the Wider Church: Rev Aaron McAlister & Rev Ken Gamble and the Parish of Derriaghy.
  • Specific Prayer: Shay, Simon, Tim, Malcolm, Paul, Heather, Adam, Clive, Colin, Keith, Stephen and Philip in the Armed Forces. Bishop Seth and the Diocese of Matana, Burundi. Rev Andy Shie and his congregations in Brunei.
  • Overseas missions: Tansen Hospital, Nepal, and Alvaro Leighton in Santiago, Chile.
  • In the world: The ongoing situations in Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria. The political talks at Stormont and the anti-government protests in Hong Kong. People affected by the heatwave and bushfires in Australia. People in the UK affected by the recent stormy weather.
    • There are so many people related to the Parish in some way or other who need our prayers for healing. Please please take a few minutes each day to ask God's blessings on them:

      • Marlene
      • Justin
      • Marlou
      • Margaret & George Beck
      • Dorothy
      • Jenny Patterson
      • Aimee Wylie
      • Marie McCullough
      • Albert McCracken
      • Victor
      • Maureen Meek
      • Norman Field
      • Lachlan
      • Pam
      • Yvonne Brown
      • Margaret McCrea
      • Kellie Magill
      • Hannah Johnston
      • Marlene H
      • Walt
      • Rita Mills
      • Lorraine & Jake
      • Lochliann
      • Maggie

      If you or someone you know would like to be added to this list just let us know.

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